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Want to invite your business contacts to something special or motivate employees? Do you want to create a memorable experience together with employees or business contacts in the best surroundings in the arena?

No matter what you are looking for, a Premium ticket could be something for you.

Telenor Arena can offer a range of Premium Tickets in addition to customize packages to suit your needs, whether it's for a single event or a year deal - for both small and large groups (from 2 to 300 people).

Elements included in Premium tickets can be:

  • Premium entrance
  • Access to Premium Club
  • Sky box or best category seating
  • Premium food experience
  • Access to own bar your own waiter
  • Pre party before the event
  • After-party after the event
  • A professional element or lectures in front of the event

Want to find out more or order Premium tickets? Send us an email and we will contact you to find the right package for you -


We highly recommend using our
Shuttle Buses or public transport
to Telenor Arena.

Food and Drink

At Telenor Arena, Furset Catering ensures that the food and drinks are of top quality, whether you want to enjoy a delicious meal or have something to drink from the bar.


There are three hotels in the immediate vicinity of Telenor Arena that offer high-quality rooms at affordable prices.

Premium entrance

Avoid long queues and give yourself a smooth and comfortable entrance to the Telenor Arena. With a Premium ticket, you get in addition to the best seats, access to use our Premium entrance.

Premium Lounge

Premium ticket in Premium Lounge gives you our best category seating in addition to access to Premium Lounge throughout the event.

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Sky box "The Ultimate Experience"

Telenor Arena can offer a wide range of sky boxes for 12 to 24 people which will give you the ultimate experience.

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Sky Lounge "The View From The Top"

Experience an event with fantastic view over the stage and audience with the Premium ticket "The View From The Top".

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