How will Telenor Arena look like in the future?

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Plans for major rebuild of Telenor Arena -
planning for super multipurpose arena!

The Telenor Arena at Fornebu can become the national venue for handball and base for a number of other sports. In addition, concerts and other events will be a major part of the content of the arena throughout the year. The redevelopment will make Telenor Arena much more flexible and will increase the number of events considerably with a well varied content with sports and culture, and much much more.

The goal is a world-class arena with the combination of sports at all levels, culture, music and commercial activities such as fairs and conferences, which benefit many

See below for the exciting plans for the Arena of the Future - Telenor Arena!


World class concert venue

The redevelopment will make Telenor Arena a state-of-the-art international arena of high capacity. In addition, there is a flexibility that allows the number of concerts throughout the year to be significantly increased, while being easily rigged for both smaller concerts and up to the very largest.


Top notch spaces

The redevelopment of the arena is also being done with a view to getting good space that will enhance the concert and event experience. New large arrival halls will make logistics in and out easier, as well as new flexible areas for the sale of food, drinks and other serving with a better and wider selection.


World class sports arena

Norway lacks an international sports arena that can hold the major international and national championships, and the biggest matches. With such a rebuild, Norway will really be put on the map as a championship country and open many new opportunities in many sports! With a capacity of 15,000 seats, Telenor Arena will meet the international requirements for most championships and sports events.

Alternative hallidretter

Opportunities for other sports

In an area that lacks a lot of venue capacity for sports, this redevelopment opens up possibilities for many types of sports. Up to 7-10 handball surfaces or surfaces for other indoor sports will be available in the newly remodeled arena. There will also be opportunities for schools in the area to be able to use areas during the day.

Flerbruk og konferanse

Multipurpose and conferences

A new remodeled Telenor Arena will get new spaces and new opportunities for activities such as trade shows, conferences, events, most within sports, culture and other commercial activities.