Queen + Adam Lambert

On Sunday the 17th of June Queen + Adam Lambert played a much longed for show to an excited audience at the Telenor Arena. And they did NOT disappoint!

"When the band rounded off the evening with We will Rock you and We Are the Champions, you'd have to be as cold hearted as the giant gracing the cover of New Of The World's album cover to not feel all warm inside. We have seen Queen...And the sound wasn't just ok, it was good. So, this wasn't just a good concert experience, but a well delivered and iconic pop-music."

Henrik Engø Lesjø. "Dronningen er død, lenge leve dronningen"Gaffa, 18.06.2018. 


"The stage show was of the solid "not holding anything back" old school rock caliber. Pyro, confetti, hydraulics, people that appeared and disappeared down the stage floor. The concrete robot from 2News Of The World" (1977) also appeared every once in a while, and the lighting reminded you of the classic set designs from your late 1970's and early 1980's: Round, UFO-type shapes and plenty of lasers... It also helps that the sound at the Telenor Arena wasn't just loud, but also - hold on to your seats- good!"

Morten Ståle Nilsen. "Konsertanmeldelse Queen: Dronningens salutt til seg selv" VG, 17.06.2018


"With "God Save The Queen" playing Queen and their vocalist of almost seven years, Adam Lambert bow down in gratitude after 135 minutes of pure nostalgia." 

Øyvind Rønning. "Ikke helt champions i 2018" Dagbladet, 17.06.2018