One step closer to a new arena

March 25th, 2021

The owner of Telenor Arena has, in collaboration with the Norwegian Handball Federation, worked for two years with plans for both interior and exterior redesign of the arena. The project is proceeding at full speed and a period of municipal treatment awaits in the coming months with a regulatory process and a study of the municipality's involvement in a new arena.

These are very exciting plans that will bring the new arena up in the absolute toparena league in an international context.

The plans now go from feasibility study to project. The goal is to start construction in January 2023. At the inauguration, which is planned during 2024, the facility will offer:

  • The main arena with room for 20,000 spectators at a concert, and 15,000 at major sport events. This will be a new and long-awaited national arena for handball and other indoor sports, and will also be able to host concerts, events and trade fairs of international format.
  • One sports arena with a spectator capacity of at least 1000 for both sports and culture 
  • One multi-purpose hall adapted to the needs of the local area's schools and grassroot sports teams
  • Other activity areas available for sports and culture
  • Other external activities and service offerings

On 24 March 2021, the Feasibility Study was presented to the Presidency of Bærum Municipality and the Municipal Director received unanimous approval of his proposed resolution as follows:

  1.  Presentation of "New Fornebu Arena - feasibility study" is taken for information.
  2. Bærum Municipality supports the Norwegian Handball Association's application for the new Fornebu Arena to be granted status as a national facility for handball.
  3. The municipal director is asked to investigate how the municipality can best contribute to the realization of the new Fornebu Arena and present a new political case. The report should include solutions for sports areas related to upper secondary school and possible forms of municipal involvement related to multi-use halls, small arenas for sports / culture and multi-use areas.

Read more about what Budstikka wrote about the case and the meeting in Bærum Municipality Presidency on March 24, 2021.


Below are other media cases that describe the planned redevelopment and the possibilities related to the new arena.

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Download the full press release

Download the press release here