Monster Jam Cancelled

It is confirmed that it is Sigrid "Siggen" Velle Dypbukt and Miccel Niva that will be hosting this years MGPjr final.  

- MGPjr has it all: exitment, humour, glitter, cool songs, touching moments, and you get to know all the wonderful finalists. It is truly an honour to be hosting this evening when the finalists will be perfomring all their songs on a gigantic stage infront of all of Norway. It's so cool! For a night it will be, says Sigrid Velle Dypbukt. 

So don't miss out on an amazing evening on the 3rd of November at the MGPjr finals at the Telenor Arena! 


Can you sing and like to write your own songs? 

Well now is your chance to apply for MGPjr 2019!* 

Apply here.
*application closing date is the 20th of November.