Beware the Black Market

Norwegian Trading Standards have gone out and advised to steer away from Viagogo and other ticket resellers. These companies are breaking Norwegian laws by reselling for profit. For every event Telenor Arena receives countless messages from distraught fans who have bought overpriced tickets and some who do not even receive these tickets, others receive fake ones. 

To avoid this trap, the Norwegian Trading Standard has advised the following: 

  • Do not automatically click on the top link when searching for tickets on Google. These links are often to sites such as Viagogo or other ticket reseller. 
  • Find the official promoter or venues website and order tickets as described by them. Tickets for events at Telenor Arena will mostly be sold through Ticketmaster and Universe for Premium tickets. 

If you also wish to follow news and attend events on Facebook, be aware to only follow events created by Telenor Arena, official promoter or artist and no one else. An example of this is events created by Europe Top Events and Things To Do In Oslo, which directly link to Viagogo and other illegal resellers.