Food and drink

Douglas Street Food

An informally delicious place with lovely food and drinks. We put together a selection of exciting and classic flavors from our street food menu. We have popcorn on the tables, drinks can be easily ordered at the table and picked up at the bar. We have something for every taste and you can eat as much as you want. Douglas is a place to relax and enjoy yourself before a concert with good music in pleasant surroundings. Douglas is furnished with sofas, tables and benches. We run our own brewery so you will find a rich selection of tasty drinks in the bar.



Spitfire is a restaurant on the 2nd floor, entrance 4, at Telenor Arena. A cozy restaurant where you can book a table in advance for a pleasant meal before a concert. There will be served tapas on the table upon arrival, and you can collect your main course from our chefs when it suits you. In addition, we have a small dessert buffet to round it all off.

You can see the menu below - We wish you a warm welcome.