The Spanish Riding School


The Spanish Riding School in Vienna plays a significant role in the European and Austrian cultural heritage and is considered one of the leading classical riding schools in the world. 

Twice a year, the riding school goes on a world tour with its unique white Lipizzaner stallions and enchants the audience with its achievements!

Finally we get to experience this spectacular show in Norway and Telenor Arena.

When the court in Habsburg needed well-trained horses and riders, the court founded the Spanish riding school 455 years ago. The riding school is known for its fine Lipizzaner stallions which are the only horses that are trained in the academy for several years before they are allowed to perform, and the same applies to the riders. During the performances, only classical music is played, such as Mozart or Chopin.

In 1725, the Winter Riding School was built, which is part of the Royal Palace in Vienna, and which the school still uses today. The school was built by order of King Charles VI and designed by the architect Joseph Emanuel Fischer von Erlach. The winter riding school is today considered an architectural gem with its beautiful baroque design. On this majestic riding arena, visitors can watch the Lipizzaner stallions train with their famous riders twice a week.

"Lipizzaner" is the fine name for the oldest European horse breed, which is the only horse breed trained at the school. This horse breed has a clear cultural heritage that goes back 450 years in time. Only stallions are trained, and they are trained for several years before they can perform in front of the audience. The academy's task is to preserve this unique heritage and show this special horse to its spectators.

But it is not only the Lipizzaner stallions who have long training. The riders also have a long training before they can perform with their horse. First you have to take an entrance test and then you train for four to six years before you get to ride the trained horses. To train the horses, the rider must train for another two to four years.

In 2015, the Spanish Riding School was designated an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. In 2016, the academy's knowledge of breeding, breeding, training and riding of the Lipizzaner stallion was also added to UNESCO's.

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