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The legendary film composer Danny Elfman and star director Tim Burton's award-winning concert, "Music for the Films and Tim Burton starring Danny Elfman" is coming to Norway and Telenor Arena, Saturday November 18th,, 2023 for an exclusive performance. Together with our own beloved KORK, choir, band and Special Guests, Danny Elfman brings Disney's timeless classics "The Nightmare Before Christmas", "Alice in Wonderland", "Batman", "Charlie and the chocolate factory", "Beetlejuice" and much more live on stage in Telenor Arena.


Tickets on sale via Ticketmaster, Thursday 1 December at 12:00.


Danny Elfman has composed some of the most famous and influential film music of our time and his collaboration with Tim Burton is one of the longest and most successful director-composer collaborations in film history. Johnny Depp, who can often be seen in Tim Burton's films, says that Danny Elfman and Tim Burton are two of the greatest gifts this job has ever given him "I would never be here, there - or probably anywhere else without them".


Danny Elfman has received countless Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Golden Globe awards and nominations for his film scores. He has composed the soundtrack for over 100 Hollywood films such as Avengers, Spiderman, Mission Impossible, Men in Black and The Grinch to name a few, in addition to the Tim Burton films. He is also the man behind The Simpsons theme song and the cult band Oingo Boingo.


"Over 30 years as Hollywood's coolest film composer" he is referred to as in the Los Angeles Times. Danny Elfman, who very rarely does concerts, put two lines under the statement when he appeared unannounced in spring and closed the Coachella music festival with a terrific performance that made headlines around the world, including here at home in VG.


On Saturday 18 November 2023, you will see Danny Elfman for the very first time in Norway on stage in Telenor Arena!


There is no lower age limit, but children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult (ref. Police Act in Bærum Municipality).

18 Nov


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Danny Elfman
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Featuring artwork Danny Elfmans Music from the films of Tim Burton

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Food and Drink

During the concert, you will be able to purchase food, drinks and snacks from our kiosks. Our restaurant Spitfire will also be open with an à la carte menu.


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